Friday, February 28, 2020

Personal account Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Personal account - Essay Example r diversion from an existing stream of study will mean a turning point in life, because the career and the prospective life is normally based on the fruitfulness of the change we adopt in the final stages of education. Just like anyone else, I also have something to tell about the turning point that came into my life, and I would like to describe the same thing in this essay. I was pursuing my studies in medical sciences as a disciplined student. There were reasons for my self -imposed discipline; and first of it was due to my scholastic merit that I got admission in the university. Secondly, my parents were so ambitious about my becoming a doctor. Each day I woke to incomplete portions of academics as anyone else, but the lapses occurring in my studies were thought-provoking, and I used to feel guilty of scoring less. I realized that I was gradually becoming weak to compensate the huge expectations set on me by parents. The transformation of my attitudes towards doctors started taking place on one of those days. It was the beginning of a summer that we were assigned community visits as part of our curriculum. We were divided into groups of five students headed by a doctor. The work was visiting homes of people living in remote villages for observing symptoms of epidemics and creating awareness about the precautions for a few imminent seasonal diseases. I had already prepared to practice the theoretical knowledge and the experimental approaches set for the visit. In books, we were always taught to see human beings as patients and subjects of our case study. The village welcomed us with a series of sights which touched my heart. Children were clad in rags, and old people were almost naked for the essential pieces of clothes they had were too small for them. Young men and women seemed too weak to carry on their daily work. I found it was never possible to compare the living standards of urban people with those of their counterparts in the villages. It was always

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